TE Connectivity: Quality from End to End

In previous Cablepedia articles, I talked about the revolution that is happening thanks to PoE, or Power over Ethernet. Consumers’ constant demands for speed and reliability in networks and connection pressured our industry to respond, and we did – with advances in cable that flow electricity and data along the same pathways.

It’s no surprise that some of the most established and notable organizations are the ones leading this revolution. Case in point: TE Connectivity. This company, formerly Tyco Electronics, changed its name and refined its focus to better serve the transportation, energy and industrial, broadband communications, consumer devices, healthcare, and aerospace and defense markets. They accomplish this quite impressively:

  • 90,000 employees in more than 150 countries
  • $675 million R&D investment, with 18,000+ patents issued or pending
  • Named one of Thomson Reuters 2014 Top 100 Global Innovators
  • $13 billion in sales

What makes TE Connectivity a true leader? Definitely their ability to design and manufacture a quality product line from end to end sets them apart from most competitors. This is key, especially if you have ever experienced complications and headaches due to manufacturer fallout, or that unfortunate reality when two companies decide to terminate a partnership or working agreement. Having one manufacturer with loads of experience and a keen vision for innovation protects quality of both parts and process and, more importantly, greatly reduces the likelihood of costly failures.

It’s for all these reasons that Capital began carrying TE Connectivity product nearly two years ago. Already in that time, we’ve been impressed by what we’ve seen. For PoE needs alone, TE Connectivity offers a complete ‘rack to device’ system that powers items such as small cells, WiFi devices, and HD security cameras. Best of all, TE’s fiber cable framework was created to fit and feel like existing cable options, resulting in simple installation, boundless applications, and precise placement of equipment. Explore in-depth information related to TE’s role in PoE here.

PoE is just one dimension this signature partner has to offer. I invite you to get to know TE Connectivity better – particularly the inroads they are making in the name of innovation. Remarkable strides are happening in the communications revolution, and TE is setting the pace.

Want to know more? Better yet, want to make it personal to your project? Let’s talk. With strong colleagues and breakthroughs in technology, the solution we create just may be at the forefront of a human interaction revolution within your own business.

– Mike

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