Spring Cleaning

Here in Wisconsin, this transition is highly anticipated: It’s time to look at the world differently, and feel energized by the changes we see. We can take that renewed spirit and apply it to our work lives, too. Have you felt like you’ve been ‘hibernating’ in routine for too long? Could your work environment benefit from some new growth? Have you been buried under mounds of daily tasks, and now realize that working smarter instead of working longer should be a real priority?

I think we can all answer YES to those questions! While you undergo a bit of Spring cleaning this year, here are some areas you may want to dust off and consider a bit more intently:

1. WHERE you work: Your physical environment impacts critical factors such as productivity, communication, and motivation through lighting, sound, power access, and so much more. How well does your space work for you, and your team? Maybe it’s time for more than a fresh coat of paint. CommScope’s Redwood lighting system (check out this series of webinars), ION-E wireless solutions, and Atlas Sound’s masking technology (see this month’s Product Spotlight) are great tools for office upgrades.

2. WHAT you use to work: The products you choose to get your job done play a vital role in actually working smarter. When is the last time you took an inventory of what is used in your workspace? Avoid the hassle of obsolescence before it happens… be proactive. Search for better choices, or updates to your favorites, like this simple modification now offered by CommScope for their patch panel termination manager.

3. HOW you work: We often find ourselves in the rut of performing a certain way because that’s how it has always been done. Things such as repetitive motion, ergonomics, and lack of movement affect not only what you do, but how you feel. Put your wellbeing at the top of the list, and take steps toward creating a healthy environment. Be sure to check out the March 26 post where our own Mary Harpster shares a varied approach to work performance that changed her life.

— Mike

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