Making a Case for a UPS

Convenient power outage


Welcome to the Information Age – a time when data can be generated, stored, shared, and accessed at almost a moment’s notice with the touch of a button or screen. Just think about how far technology has advanced in such a short amount of time! Laptops, tablets, cell phones… instant connection to anything or anyone you could possibly need.

So much to see and do… and then, Poof! The power goes out. Now you’re back in the Dark Ages, clearly not thinking, “That was convenient.” All humor aside, power outages are no joking matter. Serious considerations related to power failures include data loss, work disruption, injury, and even death. When it comes to protecting information, equipment, and lives, the inconvenience of an outage is actually the least of your concerns.

Today’s infrastructures are not complete without an uninterruptible power source, or UPS. Available in various types and sizes, a UPS is used to provide emergency power when an outage occurs. This happens more than what you might think: From voltage spikes and reductions, to external factors such as weather or grid damage, power failures are on the rise. According to a report published by Inside Energy, a significant trend was noted between 2000 and 2013, when the monthly average grid outages increased six-fold. The forecast points to more of the same, due to an aging system and growing demand.

There’s a lot riding on the shoulders of your UPS, so quality is of primary importance. Tripp Lite, a Chicago-based innovator for power protection, has a depth of experience that few can match. Their extensive line of UPS solutions can be applied to almost any situation or need, all backed by a hard-earned reputation of first-rate components and exceptional customer service.

For a real-life look at how a UPS has impacted an entire community, read this impressive case study from the Whiteriver Unified School District in Arizona. With Tripp Lite’s help, they were able to make the switch from repeated downtime to nonstop productivity.

– Mike

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