IoT: The Future is Now

“Jane, stop this crazy thing!” The year was 1962, and America was introduced to the family of the future: The Jetsons. The automation, the technology… it all seemed so far off and far out back then, but in less than 60 years, we’ve surpassed many of the “far-fetched” developments portrayed in that show.

Interestingly, at the heart of what made the Jetson’s world hum – even down to George’s job at Spacely Space Sprockets – were computers. If you’re like me, you share that same reality. Personally and professionally, we rely on computers to store and access information, communicate in a number of ways, operate various devices, and serve as a platform for entertainment. They have grown past the data center and the desktop and moved to almost anywhere, usually by means of our very own pockets.

Within The Jetson’s cartoonish universe, technology was seamless; it worked together to create a framework from which work was done and life was experienced. Turns out, that was quite prophetic. The same is happening today, thanks to advances in sensors and networking that unite components into a multi-functioning system. This is the Internet of Things, or the IoT – a futuristic way of living whose time is now. What may still seem and sound like science fiction is taking place and being refined in this very moment, and the implications for our industry are enormous.

The IoT is possible because of wireless communication. And, as we all know, there is actually a lot of wire behind those wireless applications. What will power the networks needed to keep the IoT running? That’s right – the same wire, cable, components, and knowledge that we have made it our business to understand and acquire. Innovations will continue in areas such as cellular and satellite transmission, mesh networking, and Weightless communication (which uses unoccupied TV channels to disseminate data), but behind it all will still be wire and cable.

I included a couple of links below that help explain the inner workings of the IoT, and how it is being developed to assist with almost every facet of everyday life. Companies that create and manufacture the necessary technology will surely have an impact, but so will the ones that think about it differently, and apply it in a way that is efficient, helpful, and far-reaching. Sorry, George… there is no stopping this now… but I believe we can work together to craft the IoT into a business solution that is crazy good.

– Mike




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