Hubbell’s Expansion: End-to-End

There’s a recurring discussion among business leaders and supply chain managers regarding the viability of single-source purchasing. The pros and cons have been debated, diagrams have been created to illustrate various scenarios… but in the end, it really comes down to the vendor, doesn’t it?

With a history of quality and innovation that dates back to 1888, revenues of over $3 billion, and presence in countries the world over, Hubbell establishes a strong case for being named a single-source supplier. While notable, those merits don’t tell the whole story: Hubbell has now expanded its product line and can meet every need from beginning to end – AND manage it all in an environmentally conscious manner.

When building and maintaining a data center is your responsibility, you know the considerations extend so much further than the here and now. How will the system you create today be able to meet needs that arise in six months? A year? Five years from now? Will quality and compatibility be sacrificed by future additions or changes?

Hubbell’s 10G End-to-End Infrastructure Solutions answer all those questions, and eliminate the guesswork and headaches. In fact, no other manufacturer provides the same extensive selection of products that address power and data infrastructure requirements throughout the entire data center. With Hubbell, every essential is covered:
• PoE
• Short Link
• Performance Copper
• Performance Fiber
• Interoperability
• Alien Crosstalk (AXT)

Not only are these end-to-end components backed by a comprehensive warranty, including training and support, they are also strengthened by Hubbell’s GreenWise™ Sustainability Initiative. Recognizing a responsibility to safeguard the environment, Hubbell designs and develops products that will save energy, support space efficiency, and reduce waste.

Click the links below for an in-depth look at Hubbell’s 10G and Sustainable Data Center solutions, then call Capital for a hands-on demonstration. We’re excited to show you how this single partner can quite possibly be the only one you will need.

Hubbell end-to-end solution

Data center brochure

— Mike

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