From “No Way!” to “No Problem!”

Think for a moment about AV connectivity… do you want to run? Scream? Hide? If you’ve been around a while, you’ve seen a frightening list of AV connector options: VGA, Component Video, RGB, S-Video, RCA, 3.5mm Audio, DVI (I, D or A), BNC, F-connectors….

Talk about a nightmare! How did we ever get anything to work?

Astonishingly, we all stuck with it. Thankfully, a few incredibly bright, capable industry leaders spent important time and energy on innovation and improvement resulting in HiDef video and high-quality audio connection that travels a single pathway. It’s a dream come true! HDMI is a game changer and offers a huge range of benefits, but let’s just consider the cabling impact.

First, there’s no specified maximum length for HDMI cables.  Instead, it’s all about signal attenuation (which depends on the conductor size and quality of the cables connected). When buying HDMI cables, look for High Speed HDMI on the label, or Category 2; these will support all HDMI speeds up to 49 feet. Standard HDMI cables typically support lengths up to 15 feet and not the 1080p or 4K signals – but that’s actually the easy part.  The tough part is getting the room wired so visitors can plug in and be productive.

That’s where solutions like RapidRun (Quiktron) come in handy.  They address nearly all legacy connections, and also offer HDMI connections in a trunk cable + adaptor plates or leads solution. This provides a very professional installation with many options, but it does require careful measurement. The trunk cable needs to fit your exact requirements – no stretch allowed!

Hubbell Premise Wiring took all this into consideration when they developed their integrated AV system called AV110 Everywhere. This extensive group of products not only supports most legacy connections and HDMI, but they do it on CAT6 cables. An immediate benefit is that cabling just became easier to get! And, Hubbell mounting options to suit almost any need: Poke-Thru floor mounts, recessed wall boxes, face plates, furniture plates, you name it. Better yet, the power outlets will integrate beautifully with your new AV connections.

Visit Hubbell’s AV110 Everywhere eCatalog for more details, or better yet – see it for yourself at our next Lunch and Learn on June 18th when Hubbell will be demonstrating how to use these components to build a cutting-edge AV system for any environment.

— Mike

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