CommScope: Writing the Standards for Network Technology Evolution

People need to communicate, and a reliable infrastructure is what makes that possible. For decades, the company leading the way in infrastructure research, development and production has been CommScope. Today, this key supplier maintains a portfolio of copper, fiber optics and wireless products that connect networks at home, at work, and at play. They are truly an end-to-end provider for solutions, large and small.

CommScope is recognized for its world-class operations, quality, environmental programs, and logistics. Being an industry original also helped the company build a reputation for solid R&D; almost 3,000 patents and patent applications are held by CommScope the world over. Brands such as CommScope, Andrew, SYSTIMAX and Uniprise are among the industry’s most highly regarded and recognized, and continue to fuel the company’s diversity, flexibility, and stability in an ever-changing marketplace.

Within CommScope’s network, Capital Electric is the only regional supplier. That says a lot, and is a distinction we take seriously.

It’s not enough to simply carry CommScope’s line of products – we’ve made it our business to nurture a relationship with this industry powerhouse. Through all the technological advances leading to right now, Capital has been committed to establishing a deep understanding and appreciation for the benefits that CommScope has to offer. The reason is simple: Together, we can customize solutions that are right for our customers.

With so many positive attributes, it’s hard to choose one over the rest, but here’s why you should consider CommScope over someone else: Obsolescence is an efficiency and budget killer. You know this. Better yet, CommScope knows it, too. Their products are geared toward protecting your investment, so what you install today will be compatible with upgrades coming tomorrow. Above all, the same high standards in production and quality will remain intact.

Product Spotlight: Cat 6A Cable 

More and more, individuals expect, and command, flexibility and speed for their communication functions. From smart phones, to tablets, to laptop computers – the vast majority are online almost everywhere they go. The information flow looks and feels wireless, but what’s powering it all is a network of cables… a systemized solution that is crucial to the dialogue’s give and take.

CommScope has been anticipating this communications explosion for some time. Building upon the company’s rich history in technological advances, CommScope now delivers a comprehensive system that enables and enriches the agility and reliability that customers require to deliver a seamless experience, regardless of demand or location. The GigaSPEED X10D® provides 10 Gb Ethernet performance for improved bandwidth, data throughput, and network efficiency by using an innovative optimized material technology (OMT) platform. The result? Vigorous transmission, increased airflow, and expanded potential.

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