A Clean View of HDBaseT

In the not-so-distant past, people were absolutely satisfied with watching images on screens that used around 300,000 pixels to project an image. Then, technology blew the doors off that reality – first with HD, expanding the number of pixels to one to two million, and now, with the next wave of 4K and Ultra HD, the total will jump to nearly eight million. Eight million pixels! To put it in perspective, that’s almost four times what a current 1080p monitor can display. To put it plainly, that’s a lot of data.

Seriously, who wouldn’t want the super rich, clean, crisp view that definition on this scale offers? Functions extend far beyond the home; think of how flat screens have become the norm in places like restaurants, conference rooms, schools, and airports, or how they are used as displays and security consoles. The applications are exciting, and almost limitless.

Almost limitless. Until now, the challenge has been creating an accessible, reliable network to power all that data. More pixels require more bandwidth, and that requires the right cable. Generally, short-range connections are simple to construct, but longer runs and multiple feeds increase the complexity factor. Numerous work-arounds have been devised to address the issue, but almost all relied on knowing the exact length between the input source and the monitor. What if that information wasn’t available, was incorrect, or somehow changed prior to install?

Today, our industry is working to make those kinds of questions and headaches obsolete through a new standard: HDBaseT. With HDBaseT, all the data that any form of high definition requires is transmitted via CAT6A cable and a standard connector. Imagine… video, audio, Ethernet, power, and control signals, all in robust high def… all being carried through a standard cable. I’m going to say it – Wow!

Simplification, cost-effectiveness, reduced lead time, non-proprietary solutions, freedom, customization, total accessibility… the benefits are as revolutionary as the technology. If you’ve waited to dive into the world of high definition, now could be your time. Of course, Capital Electric will be there with the cable, and the know-how, to make your plunge a success on every level.

Here are three resources that can help round out your understanding:

— Mike


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